Product Care and FAQ

Product Information and Ordering

Hand made at Sonnyboy Studio by us using a two-part water-based gypsum acrylic compound. This material is non-toxic, safe to use and VOC (volatile organic compound) free, though not recommended for direct contact with food in Australia. If your product is sealed with epoxy, then it can be used safely for food (all spoon rests are coated with resin to make sure they are safe, you must request resin for anything else you order).

After homewares are cured, sanded and sealed with a permeating sealant and an acrylic sealant, or two-part epoxy resin, they become somewhat impact-resistant, water-resistant, heat and UV resistant.

In summary: don’t drop them on the concrete, they might break. You can put hot things on them like candles and cups of tea and they won’t break. You can only put food directly on them if you request a resin coating to your order.

Yay! So happy you want to place an order with us.

  1. Go to “products, view all products” to peruse the entire catalogue! Plan out what you want and then have a sleep on it (I know it goes against all the business rules but we actually encourage you NOT to rush into it!)
  2. When you’re ready, go to “Order” and use the form to virtually create your product! Upload any pics you have to help us out with colour matching and vibe checking – you can even upload a pic of your lounge if you want it to match the decor!
  3. Rest easy knowing that a real human, being paid a fair wage (this is a very small business, running out of small studio space) is going to see your order and make you precisely what you need. We will be in touch once your order is ready to post, or pick up!

Real humans make your one of a kind orders. This means it can take us some time to make sure we get it right. We advise to leave up to 4 weeks to receive your order, however we do usually get them done faster than that.

Yes! Email us at to organise this!

You can, email us at to ask about stocking us in your store. We can make products to fit your vibe.

Product Care

Wipe down gently with water or a damp cloth.

Avoid harsh cleaning products, chemicals and any harsh scrubbing as this may damage the surface of your piece.

It is recommended to wipe down any strong contaminants as soon as possible to avoid any staining.

Spoon rests: Are NOT dishwasher safe, just give them a quick wipe over with a cloth to clean!

Bud vases: Are water-resistant, not waterproof ie. best for dried buds – pop some paper daises, billy buttons or any other dried natives you like inside these beauties!

Packaging and Sustainability

All packaging boxes are recycled/recyclable.

All goods are wrapped using eco-friendly & recyclable honeycomb void fill OR repurposed bubble wrap donated to me by friends and family. Waste not, want not! If you’re in the Wollongong area and have a bunch of bubble wrap or hex wrap you’d like to repurpose, please get in touch at

We minimise waste by using reusable, silicone mixing containers and mixing sticks.

We never waste a drop – ring dishes and shell dishes are made from any extra product leftover from pours. Terrazzo chips are created by breaking up any leftover mix on silicone mixing blades and cups.

I order in bulk from a local supplier – this means minimal travel emissions!


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